Issue 12

Featured Story

Why Is Gamification an Effective Way to Communicate Your Message?

Playing games and having competitions have always been effective methods of having fun and forming social bonds. The popularity of video and mobile games take this age-old impetus and bring it into the modern age.


Must Reads

Twitter’s Event Targeting Helps Marketers Zero In On Live Audiences

This new ad tool will take the guesswork out of targeting people following live events on Twitter.


One Creative Way to Turn Audiences into Advocates

For any event or show, the million dollar question is always how to get the right people into the seats. Your presentation doesn’t matter much if no one sees it, or if the people who do, just don’t care.


Digital Marketing Tips to Maximize Your B2B Event Marketing

Is event marketing out dated in the era of all things digital? Stats from the 2015 B2B Content Marketing Trends report proves it's not.


Want to Engage Your Attendees? Keep Those Smartphones On

How to turn mobile devices from foe to friend at your events.


Fringe Ideas

This "World's First" Artificially Intelligent Ad Is A Test of Automated Creativity

"The project is a Darwinian approach to advertising which, though only an experiment, points to an interesting future role of artificial intelligence in advertising creativity.”


Low-Light Filming Is about to Make a Big Leap Forward

Imagine 4 million ISO, and you'll have a good idea of the newly-announced Canon ME20F-SH that indie filmmakers, wildlife documentarians, and investigative journalists are all discussing this week.


Nokia Enters the Virtual Reality Game with a 360-Degree Camera

Weeks ago, rumors began to surface that Nokia might have a virtual reality product in the works and on Tuesday, at a special event in Los Angeles, the company finally put an end to the mystery.


Just Because

The Lexus Hoverboard is Here, and Skaters Have to Re-Learn Everything From Scratch

Nitrogen-cooled superconductors and powerful magnets make the Lexus Slide hover.


In case you missed it...

How Virtual Reality Is Shaping the Future of Brand Experiences

Ever since Facebook bought Oculus Rift, the rise of VR technology has been a white hot topic in the gaming industry. But virtual reality goes far beyond gaming and our recent R&D cycle has been focused on discovering how VR technology will shape the future of brand experiences.


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