Issue 112

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Measuring Experiences By Emotional Reactions

Traditional performance indicators on the event and activation space feel limited in the story they tell of an experience’s value and impact. Here's why the experience strategy of finding friction works.


Must Reads

Does Experiential Marketing Need a Rebrand?

The comedian W.C. Fields once said “It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to”. While it’s unlikely he was talking about experiential marketing, what with it being the early 1900s, it sums up the current position of the discipline perfectly.


B2B Marketers Need to Improve Their Website Engagement

B2B marketers have a long way to go when it comes to creating engaging websites, according to a new report from Forrester.


Fringe Ideas

This Marketing Blog Does Not Exist

This completely AI generated blog is a demonstration of the implications of AI generated text and the implications of AI on Content Marketing and SEO. All content on this blog was created by AI with the exception of blog titles, which were the prompts used for the text generation. Check it out.


A Venue’s Layout Matters When It Comes to an Event’s Environmental Impact

Clearly small details can have a pretty big impact on the social and environmental effects of a business event.


Just Because

First Major Trial Of VR Therapy For Serious Mental Health Conditions Launches

The first large-scale trial of virtual reality therapy for serious mental health conditions has been launched in the U.K. Healthtech startup Oxford VR has teamed up with gameChange, a £4 million project funded by U.K. National Institute of Health Research, to test the technology and advance its roll out across the National Health Service (NHS).


In case you missed it...

Choose Your Own Adventure: Is interactive video an event fad or here to stay?

From video gaming to Netflix to experiential marketing, interactive video is turning audiences into active participants— providing them with lasting memorable experiences.


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