Issue 111

Featured Story

7 Event Spaces That Embrace the Outdoors

More and more companies are following the trend and sending their employees and attendees into the great outdoors to seek, not only the festive, but the serene.


Must Reads

I Spy: Does Event Technology Invade Guests' Privacy?

Experts offer tips for handling technology like facial recognition at events.


Why Experiences Work

Why are experiences so incentivizing? What gives them such motivating power? Nancy Volkers – with the help of two leading researchers – takes us on a deeper dive.


Fringe Ideas

Rethinking Masculinity: Gillette and Fatherly Partner on a Father's Day Pop-Up

The brands recently teamed up for a Father’s Day pop-up gallery experience in New York City where a panel of experts explored fatherhood and the rethinking of masculine “norms.”


Why It Matters for You That Andy Dunn's Former Investment Manager Now Wants to Invest in Pot, Booze, and Sextech Startups

A new investment fund that invests in "vice" industries has strong backing and is providing valuable lessons for entrepreneurs.


Just Because

'World's Smallest Restaurant' encouraged people to shed the stigma around dining solo

A Danish Grocery Chain Created a Pop-Up Restaurant That Only Sat One Person at a Time


In case you missed it...

What’s the magic about Choose Your Own Adventure?

From video gaming to Netflix to experiential marketing, interactive video is turning audiences into active participants providing them with lasting memorable experiences.


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