Issue 11

Featured Story

Not every agency is founded by an Olympic team captain. But ours is.

Hard work, ethics, and a good attitude: the secret to a great athlete - and a great company. Read about how Cramer founder, Tom Martin, went from small-town hockey star, to the Olympics, to building one of the nation's largest and most successful marketing studios.


Must Reads

Google Launches Eddystone, Its Platform-Agnostic IBeacon Competitor

Google today announced Eddystone, its open source Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon format.


How One Startup Grew From Zero to $100K in Monthly Revenue In Only 11 Months

Edgar, a social media software company, went from launch to success in less than a year. Here’s how.


30 Conference Presentation Tools To Help Speakers Wow Attendees

If you promise attendees world class talks that will help them improve their business, then you better deliver. Here's a list of presentation tools to help maximize your "wow" factor.


3 Crucial Ingredients for High Converting Landing Pages

First impressions matter. For many online visitors, a landing page is the first impression or interaction they’ll have with your business.


Fringe Ideas

Microsoft Shows The Augmented Future Of HoloLens

Microsoft has posted a bit of CG describing what it will feel like to use the HoloLens, their augmented reality helmet, in real life. The focus? A new way to teach anatomy.


Behind the Surge in Cross-Device Ad Targeting

Advertisers are increasingly using technology that targets users across multiple devices, and it’s working. Here's how ads follow you from phone to desktop to tablet.


Here’s 10 Ways You Can Increase Engagement with Visual Content

Visual content gives you free reign to customise your message, use different techniques and mediums to get your message across, it’s really an infinitely useful tool.


How the New Hardware Movement is driving the Internet of Things

Cheap, accessible, open hardware is driving the IoT.


Just Because

This “Puppy” Remake Of The Friends Intro Will Make Your Day

"The One Where They Poop Everywhere and Fall Asleep."


In case you missed it...

Why Cramer is Investing in The Future of Experiential Marketing

We could have purchased 8,000 cases of Heady Topper. Or two round-trip tickets to space on Virgin Galactic. Instead, we invested in cutting-edge event technology.


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