Issue 107

Featured Story

Post-minimalist Branding

Events are leading a new aesthetic movement toward expressive, humanist design.


Must Reads

The Atlantic

The Instagram Aesthetic Is Over

The look made famous by the platform just doesn’t resonate anymore.


Event Marketer

How Platforms Are Flipping the Script on ‘Networking’

The old ways of networking have been replaced by purposeful exercises with an experiential component that allows for collaborative—and valuable—conversations.



A Company-Supported Women's Network Can Encourage Confidence And Participation

Here are some ways companies can implement and champion a women’s network — and how you can get buy-in from your leadership team.


Corporate Event News

Uber Unveils an Attractive Alternative to Event Shuttle Service

Uber is making it easy for corporations to pick up the tab for employees, clients and partners — and opening up new realms of possibilities for event transportation — with its new Uber Vouchers feature.


Fringe Ideas

The Verge

How Gesaffelstein’s Coachella Set Tricked Minds with the World’s Blackest Black

The prince of darkness now performs against the darkest darkness.


It's Nice That

The Most Relaxing Colour In the World? Dark Blue Apparently

The latest findings from The World’s Favourite Colour Project.


The Outline

How this One Font Took Over the World

It’s the font we deserve, but is it the one we need right now?



Why Funky ’70s-Style Fonts are Popping Up on Brands Like Chobani and Glossier

The days of the sans serif might be numbered.


Just Because

'Space Billboards' Could Use Satellite Technology to Create Brand-Sponsored Constellations

Create your own ‘orbital billboard’ using a series of reflective satellites known as ‘cubesats’ to project enormous advertisements in the night sky.


In case you missed it...

How Does Color Influence The Mood Of A Meeting or Moment?

When planning your next event, you have to put serious thought into how you will deliver your message using nonverbal environmental cues, including color, to shape the mood of critical moments for the audience.


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