Issue 106

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Bending Screens

New flexible form factors are reshaping how we view and interact with screens.


Must Reads


Adweek Announces Finalists in Its Inaugural Adweek Experiential Awards

Adweek’s editors judged submissions across 32 categories, boiling down the entrants to three finalists in each category. Here are the finalists.



Burning Man Meets REI

A writer checks out the felt hat–wearing, Bulleit bourbon–sipping crowd and to find out whether the buzzy experience is anything more than an Instagram-ready fad.



ROX: How to get started with the new experience metric

Make sure you understand “return on experience” — the new way of tracking the results of your investments in customer and employee experiences — and how to implement it.


Corporate Event News

Brand Extensions Provide Year-Round Buzz for Events

User conferences and other corporate events pulse with energy and excitement, creating buzz at the event and FOMO for those who didn’t attend. Here's how to keep that going.


Fringe Ideas

Fast Company

Facial recognition is coming to hotels to make check-in easier—and much creepier

Alibaba has created the hotel of the future and it’s wild, wonderful, and just a little creepy.



Reading the Room

New biometric tools for meeting planners provide almost instant data on audience engagement.



In Movement: How Brands Are Using Motion-Capture Technology at Events

From a virtual butterfly garden to a digital tour of the human mouth, these activations with motion sensors are elevating the way guests can interact with technology at events.



These Are the Three Technology Inflection Points That Will Change the Future

Get ready for a new era of innovation!


Just Because

Inside Coachella's First-Ever Augmented Reality Equipped Stage

During his headlining set at Coachella in 2018, Eminem debuted a custom augmented-reality app that allowed fans to be virtually showered by a plate of “mom’s spaghetti.” This year the festival took the technology even further with a first-of-its-kind, AR-equipped stage.


In case you missed it...

We can be a bit...Obsessive

Jump in with us as we explore the building blocks of events and experiential marketing.


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