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How Does Color Influence The Mood Of A Meeting?

When planning your next event, you have to put serious thought into how you will deliver your message using nonverbal environmental cues, including color, to shape the mood of critical moments for the audience.


Must Reads

4 Content Strategies Every 'Experiential' Campaign Needs

Experiential marketing is about creating long-lasting memories. Harness content to boost any experiential campaign's effects.


The State Of Social 2019

How marketers across the globe think about social media, what's working, how the industry is changing, and more.


Catalyst Podcast Episode 16

When considering adding fuel to your experience, consider coffee as an event in and of itself, rather than simply a food and beverage add-on. Join our co-hosts Kate Romano and Joe Lovett as they discuss the latest experiential marketing trend: coffee.


What Does Your Corporate Brand Stand For?

A clear, unified corporate identity can be critical to competitive strategy, as firms like Apple, Philips, and Unilever understand. It serves as a north star, providing direction and purpose.


Fringe Ideas

Event Attendees Meet in Bathrooms and Public Parks to Escape Overcrowding

The boom in the events business has led to overcrowding and an increase in people taking meetings in weird places like bathrooms and department stores. More creative event design is necessary to reverse this trend.


The Disruptions and Benefits of Emerging Meeting Technology

Investors and developers see the meetings and events technology space as ripe for disruption, and over the past four years have invested in or launched nearly 400 event solutions.


5 Trends That Are Changing Meeting Design

These five trends are consumer and market forces that are not only here to stay but are going to be disruptive in every category with certain important implications for meetings and events.


A Japanese Firm Is Creating Space Fireworks with Artificial Meteors

Small particles will be dropped from a microsatellite and burn up as they fall to earth. Is ‘space entertainment’ a disaster waiting to happen?


Just Because

Analyzing the Data Behind One of the Best and One of the Worst Super Bowl Ads

An analysis of public conversations around two major Super Bowl ads this year: one that failed and one that triumphed.


In case you missed it...

Attendee Journey-Mapping Using The Storytelling Arc

Whether crafting brand narratives or event experience curves, the traditional storytelling arc is still the most powerful method for planning and communicating a message.


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