Issue 100

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How To Measure The Return on a Brand Experience

Measuring brand experiences and their wealth of intangible returns can be tricky if you don't know what you're looking for. Luckily, we do.


Must Reads

The 15 Most Innovative Meetings

Shining a spotlight on the most forward-thinking conferences, expos, and other gatherings over the past year.


Growing Brands By Empowering Communities

Communities come in every shape and size. In working with support professionals, we’ve honed in on five keys for driving community forward.


The Next Big Thing in Event Tech 2019

What was important in 2018 and what will be the next big thing over the coming year? Some of the event industry's top event tech experts weigh in.


Mastering the Art of the Email to Drive Event Attendance

Email is a major asset in every event marketers tool kit. However, with all the buzz and growth around social media, it can sometimes not receive the attention that it deserves.


Fringe Ideas

This is How to Build a Viral Brand Event

Designing a viral event is not as easy as it sounds, but there are tactics you can use to improve your chances.


5 Macrotrends Affecting Today’s Attendees

“The Future of Meetings & Events” reports on five global macrotrends, how they are affecting the expectations of attendees, and how planners can recalibrate to adapt.


Amazon's Vision for the Future of Health Care Is Becoming Clear

Amazon might take its time getting into new industries. But whether it's online retail, cloud computing or groceries, its vision is typically ambitious. Now, it's health care's turn.


CES: Tech Trends #EventProfs Should Watch in 2019

What do #EventProfs need to know about the show that attracts business and thought leaders from around the world, and what tech should you be watching in 2019?


Just Because

The Weather Channel Previews Ice Storm in Scary Immersive Mixed Reality


In case you missed it...

Brand Experience Building Blocks

Across industry insights from EventTech, XLIVE, CES, Outdoor Retailer, and more, we've discovered what it takes to build breakthrough brand experiences.


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