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Issue 86 | June 23, 2018

Featured Story

Emerging Health & Wellness Trends in Events and Activations

From mindfulness and meditation to movement and meals, events and activations are doing more than ever to keep attendees active, engaged, and healthy.

Must Reads

100 Event Statistics (2018 edition)

Do you know all the key statistics that will affect the way you create events? Here is a comprehensive collection of 100 key statistics for the event industry in 2018.

No Pain, No Brain Gain: Why Learning Demands (A Little) Discomfort

The brain isn’t a muscle, but it still needs to “feel the burn” in order to build new neural connections that actually last.

Why This Company Broke Its Annual Conference Into Three Distinct Events

Instead of hosting one big event at a traditional venue, software company MobileIron held three intimate conferences at private houses around the country.

Distributing Influence To Build Attendance

While email and direct mail remain the most-utilized event promotion strategies, organizers should take a page from our social-sharing obsessed society.

Fringe Ideas

Virtual Meetings: 82 (Best) Tools, Ideas and Tips

Virtual meetings can be a cost-saving or revenue-generating option as an event planner. But only if you have the right tools and know-how.

In Five Years, VR Could Be As Big In The Us As Netflix

You probably don’t watch videos or play games in virtual reality now, but that could change very soon.

Flexible Meeting Spaces Become Common as Small Events Evolve

Venues are getting smarter about designing space, and small events are often able to offer creative experiences for groups in ways that don’t scale well for larger events or conferences.

What Will Work Look Like in 2030?

Imagining four radically different scenarios for how companies will manage people and how people will manage their work and careers.

Just Because

In case you missed it...

Experiential Marketing Tech Takes On Environmental Challenges

Experiential marketing meets environmentalism in the latest immersive media and experiences to take on shaping our culturescape.

Newsletter Emerging Health & Wellness Trends in Events & Activations

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