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Issue 8 | June 4, 2015

Featured Story

Why Our Solutions Team Created "The Dev Guide"

The same way that style guides are important to designing within brand guidelines, and for the reason editorial mission statements direct the voice of a publication, we created The Dev Guide.

Must Reads

The Most Important Insights From Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends Report

Well, here it is. Internet Christmas. Every year Mary Meeker puts out the most comprehensive internet trends report available, focusing on data and how the world is changing around us. Go ahead, get lost for a while.

10 Things You Need to Know Now About Programmatic Buying

Automated, or programmatic, ad buying is growing not only because it makes transactions more efficient but because it can make them more effective. Here's 10 need to knows when you go to buy ads without speaking to a human.

Measuring the Impact of Online Video on Brand Metrics

"Is the money we're putting into online video making an impact?" Go beyond engagement metrics and find out how online video is really impacting your brand.

Fringe Ideas

Disney Unveils Playmation, Toys That Play Back

"Physical play for a digital generation." See what Disney spent 2 years developing in a lab built to resemble a child’s bedroom.

The Future of Web Design is Hidden in the History of Architecture

If you want to know where web design is heading, just look at where architecture has already gone.

Millions of People Around You Are Playing an Alternate Reality Game You Can't See

Introducing Ingress. Basically, a giant game of Risk or Capture the Flag, only the game board is the entire world, and it's run by a Google startup called Niantic Labs.

In case you missed it...

5 Tips for Customer Engagement

Throughout the year, you connect with your customers in numerous ways. How might you rethink your marketing touch-point mix? Download the white paper to find out.

Newsletter Introducing "The Dev Guide" by Cramer, and an Epically Emotional Pixar Mash-up

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