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Issue 5 | April 23, 2015

Featured Story

Why the Most Successful Booths at HIMSS15 Got Emotional

HIMSS 2015, the annual healthcare IT conference, set new records for attendance, with 43,129 people roaming an exhibit space just under 600,000 square feet. And the most successful booths, got emotional about it.

Must Reads

Interoperability: What Is It, Why Can't George W. Bush Pronounce It, and Why Was It Such a Big Deal at HIMSS15?

2015's HIMSS conference in Chicago, IL, was dominated by a singular megatrend - interoperability. While not a new concept, it is now more important than ever for both the healthcare IT industry, and politicians' vocabulary.

U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015

Smartphones are helping us navigate the world, in almost every way possible. Let these stats fuel your 2015 approach to mobile marketing.

The Easy Industry Research Hardly Anybody Uses

Using Google Trends to track various category labels over time is one of the best and easiest ways to understand the evolution of an industry before launching a product or marketing to that industry.

Turn Customers Into Fans With a Simple Welcome Kit

Taking care of your customers doesn't have to cost a fortune. Use these simple methods to impress existing customers and turn them into avid fans.

Fringe Ideas

Lobster Wants To Be The Google Of User Generated Content

Lobster, a marketplace for licensing user-generated content, is now launching a universal search feature that allows brands and publishers to search for user-generated content across multiple social platforms.

Marketo Founder Raises $10M For Engagio, His B2B Sequel

Jon Miller, founder of email marketing platform Marketo, describes Engagio as, “fishing with spears instead of a net.” Engagio takes a targeted, account-based marketing approach, to web personalization and analytics tools.

Just Because

just because

Rockets Launching in 4K Is Out-Of-This-World Amazing

This gorgeous ultra HD video of SpaceX's Falcon 9 launching will blow your mind.

In case you missed it...

The Event Technology Landscape | Cramer

We are constantly evaluating, prototyping and implementing our way to better event experiences. We organized all of the major players in the event technology space into one landscape: your go-to resource for 2015 event planning.

Newsletter Key Takeaways from HIMSS15 Conference and Ultra HD Rocket Launches

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