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Issue 46 | December 10, 2016

Featured Story

How Corporate Video Channels Inspired by YouTube Have Revolutionized Learning Management Systems

Discovering the sweet spot between corporate messaging, internal training, and branded video solutions.

Must Reads

Video: SXSW and Bonnaroo Founders On Making Events Transformative Experiences

Bringing together as many creative elements as possible in varied event programming to give brands have more opportunities to engage attendees at different levels throughout the event experience.

The Event Technology Engagement Study

How meeting planners, event marketers, experiential teams, event producers, and CMOs are using technology to add value, capture and analyze data, and enhance the attendee experience.

Healthcare Marketers Focus on Emotion and Interactivity to Reach Millennials

They’ve been called the most social-media savvy generation, ardent individualists, and dreamers who seek fulfillment in ways their predecessors can’t fully understand.

Why Experiential Is the Heart of Branding

A heartfelt connection to your brand will make consumers more receptive to your messaging every time they see your ads in the future.

Fringe Ideas

How to Facilitate Better Periscoping at Your Next Event

Brands are taking note of the rise in event attendee live streaming via mobile apps such as Periscope, but how do you enable them to create higher quality streams?

Why Live Video is an Event Marketer's Swiss Army Knife

When putting together an event or conference, live streaming, like a Swiss Army knife, is the multi-purpose tool of the savvy marketer. Live video does triple duty behind the scenes by increasing reach, engagement, and R.O.I.

Airbnb's CMO Wants to Redefine Experiential Marketing With the Company's New Offering

In order to participate as a host, you have to have a home. But now as we're moving into experiences, you no longer need a home. You've just got to have an interest in people and a passion that other people find interesting.

The 10 Year View: What Will Online Video Look Like in 2026?

There's a vast generation gap in how Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers access and enjoy online video, so what will the area look like when Millennials get older?

In case you missed it...

Snapchat's Perfectly Executed Pop-Ups and Why "Spectacles" Won in a Way Google Glass Couldn't

Snapchat's foray into the hardware space with "Spectacles" is proving buzz-worthy and harkens back to a time when screens didn't get between us and life.

Newsletter New branded video learning channels are set to revolutionize legacy learning management systems.

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