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Issue 43 | October 29, 2016

Featured Story

WHITE PAPER: Redesigning Sales Meetings for Millennials

According to Wired, in 2015 Millennials became the largest generation in the workforce, making up 35% of US workers. What does that mean for the meetings and events industry? It means we have to rethink meetings and events! Download our latest white paper today.

Must Reads

The 15 Most Innovative Meetings of 2016

The conferences, trade shows, and expos in North America that are thinking differently about how and why we gather.

The 10-Step Process to Build a Thriving Community from Scratch

CMX CEO David Spinks explains how to build a community from scratch and how most large communities you see today have followed the same 10 steps to building communities, whether or not they knew that’s what they were doing.

Five Show-Stopping Music Festival Brand Activations from 2016

There’s no questioning that music festivals have become a staple in pop culture. What were formerly relegated to the fringes of music and counterculture have now secured themselves squarely in the mainstream.

The Event Industry Is Booming—Are You Ready to Grow With It?

Here are eight significant points about how working in the event industry is one of the most dynamic and important professions in the world, and how you can become better at your craft.

Fringe Ideas

Take Flight: USA TODAY Network Debuts VR Show

USA TODAY Network debuted a first-of-its kind weekly virtual reality news show Thursday, inviting viewers to soar in 360-degrees at a hot-air balloon festival in New Mexico and to join high-liners above Arizona's canyons.

Inside Microsoft's Plan to Make Windows the Center of the 3D Universe

It's time for Microsoft to try to make its case as to why Windows Holographic PCs and devices will make users more productive and creative.

14 Revealing Trends From the Global Meetings Forecast for 2017

The industry's steady growth in recent years may be slowing down, according to a new report from American Express Meetings & Events.

Hololen's Actiongram Enables New Forms of Storytelling

Move, resize, rotate, and record holograms in your home, creating videos you can share with friends.

In case you missed it...

Announcing the HIMSS 2017 Lookbook

Cramer has been crafting and executing brand experiences for the top names in global healthcare for over three decades. Download the HIMMS 2017 lookbook today and let’s start designing your experience tomorrow.

Newsletter Rethinking Sales Meetings for the Millennial Generation

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