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Issue 4 | April 9, 2015

Featured Story

The Making of Pawculus Rift

What's it like to develop virtual reality for dogs? Go behind the scenes on Cramer's hit April Fools spoof.

Must Reads

How Virtual Reality is Shaping the Future of Brand Experiences

Since virtual reality for dogs is (unfortunately) not a real thing, where is the VR industry really going? Here's what Cramer thinks.

Hosting Events After April 21? Make Sure Your Event Website is Mobile Friendly

Google is making an algorithm change and those who have gone mobile will be rewarded. This is especially true for the meetings and events world, given that the majority of attendees are browsing on smartphone and tablets.

10 Customer Onboarding Tools for Startups

The latest and greatest customer onboarding tools for startups in 2015. Learn what works and why.

Measuring the Impact of Online Video on Brand Metrics

Optimize your YouTube ads on the fly with a new brand-centric solution by Google.

Fringe Ideas

IdeaPaint's New App, Bounce, Takes Brainstorming off the Wall

Finally, a better way to capture the ideas we write on walls. Then store them, share them, and annotate those drawings or notes or continued collaborative brainstorming.

4 Things Strategists Can Learn From UX Designers

How can UX design and strategic planning work better together? A panel at SXSW explores this question.

The Best Interface Is No Interface: Why We Don't Always Need an App for That

Take a second look at today's screen obsessed world and discover a new way to think about the future of tech.

Just Because

just because

Noisy Upstairs Neighbors Finally Reveal What They're Doing Up There

We've all been dying to find out - what are the people upstairs actually doing?

In case you missed it...

Leveraging Decision Science to Get Your Most Important Audiences to Act

“We all make decisions in both rational and irrational ways, often relying on decision-making 'shortcuts' that we, as a species, have evolved over the millennia." - Neal Boornazian

Newsletter Behind the Scenes of Pawculus Rift, the Importance of Event Websites Going Mobile, & More

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