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Issue 2 | March 26, 2015

Featured Story

The Important Audience Your Content Marketing Is Ignoring

Every company says that employees are their lifeblood. Their most important resource. Yet, companies often overlook the power of content marketing for their employee recruitment programs.

Must Reads

5 Cool Things Revealed at Mobile World Congress

The big news stories that came out of Mobile World Congress went way beyond mobile. Check out the 5 most important tech developments announced.

It's Time Get Serious About Managing The Quality and Distribution Of Your Marketing Content

A new study by Forbes Insights reveals 3 important focus areas for marketing executives looking to drive more measurable growth outcomes from their content investment. Read about them now.

5 Marketing Tools You Can't Live Without

Looking for easy ways to accomplish difficult marketing tasks? Here's 5 awesome tools that simplify the complex.

Fringe Ideas

The Secret to Activating Your Audience’s Brain

What's the most efficient and effective way to engage your audience? Tell a story. This SlideShare infographic shows why by breaking down the neuroscience of storytelling.

Introverts, Extroverts, and the Complexities of Team Dynamics

You have both introverted and extroverted people in your company. Are you taking personalities into account when structuring teams and meetings to produce the best possible outcomes?

Strategy, in reverse

Do you spend more time on the ideas or the preparation? This 8 week experiment with Amex decided to blow up the typical strategic process.

Just Because

just because

Are you an average runner? Then you may have a chance.

Here's what happens when you disturb a giant tortoise.

In case you missed it...

Applying modern B2C strategies to B2B marketing

There are signs that B2B marketing is stepping up its game in applying lessons learned from its B2C counterparts. The following are three important marketing trends we see emerging along these blurred B2B-B2C lines.

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