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Issue 10 | July 7, 2015

Featured Story

The Top 5 TED Talks to Jumpstart Your Creativity

You gotta love TED. Their Talks are inspiring, diverse, available 24/7, and free to all. TED talks are a great resource for anybody in the business of ideas, which is pretty much everyone. We compiled five of our favorite talks that have helped inspire us to kick our creative brains into action.

Must Reads

Four Ways to Make the Most of Your Event, After Your Event

No matter how riveting your subject matter, or how inspiring your event, like all things, in time, it will fade away. If you’re not repackaging event content in different contexts, through different channels, you’re not making the most of your investment.

Appealing to Millennials Not-So-Secret Weakness: the 90's

Millennials can be a tough nut to crack. However, there’s something that Gen Y has in common with preceding generations which clever marketers can use to get their message across: nostalgia.

An Interactive Visualization of the Marketing Technology Universe

"Explore 600* marketing technology companies (and growing)." Growthverse is aiming to solve your everyday marketing challenges by connecting you to the landscapes and associated vendors related to your marketing and tech needs.

The Presentation Graphics Story

We believe that presentations are more than PowerPoints. We believe in breaking the rules and breaking the boundaries of presentation design. And we believe that beautifully crafted stories sit at the heart of every great presentation

Fringe Ideas

Facebook Beware, A New Kind of Network is Forming

Where social networks have dominated in the last 10 years, market networks are expected to dominate for the next 10. But what is a market network, why are they expected to be so popular and how could a market network affect your business.

What Comes After Smart Products

Shifting from digitization 1.0 to digitization 2.0, companies are interpreting the exchange of “in-context” data to understand how consumers and enterprises use different interconnected products and services across industry boundaries.

How Virtual Reality Could Change Shopper Marketing, B2B and More

Virtual reality barely exists as a consumer market yet, and marketing plans around the technology as a result remain far more virtual than real.

Just Because

In case you missed it...

Real-Time Audience Building: What Does It Take to Get That Coveted Share?

​"Your social media strategy should be built for efficiency." - Patrick Gillooly, Social Media and Communication Director, Monster

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