The Situation 

In 2020 the world went into lockdown and events went full virtual. Communication technology was pressure tested in real-time, audience expectations shifted, and a LOT of learning happened in a very short time frame. 

Now, as event professionals are starting to plan the return to in-person events, many people are looking to retain the best aspects of virtual programming and integrate them into their upcoming in-person shows. But it’s not nearly as simple as mashing the two experiences together; knowing what aspects of live and digital events to include, exclude, and modify, requires specific knowledge.  

As leaders in both the live and digital spaces—and two companies that worked around the clock during the early stages of the pandemic to help their clients make a successful transition to virtual—Bizzabo and Cramer were uniquely qualified to offer insight on what the future of in-person and virtual events could look like.  

So, we joined forces to co-host Agents of Hybrid.  

The Strategy  

Rather than tell an audience about what hybrid events can look and feel like, Cramer and Bizzabo wanted to show them.   

Combining our collective knowledge on all the strategy, technology, content, and engineering required to engage live and at-home audiences simultaneously—as well as finding those sweet spots where the two can overlap—Agents of Hybrid was designed to provide viewers tangible examples of what hybrid events can be by modeling real-life examples of hybrid experiences and programming.

The Solution 

Agents of Hybrid was a two-day, live and virtual event that walked audiences through several hybrid best practices while offering insight into how the events industry is likely to evolve in the coming months and years.  

Featuring interactive conversations between the in-person and at-home audiences, Cramer and Bizzabo experts, and industry thought-leaders like Peloton CMO Dara Treseder and AI luminary James Kotecki, Agents of Hybrid attendees experienced what a hybrid event looks and feels like and walked away with actionable tips they could use to inform their event strategies for the near future


The Results